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Footwork in tennis is an essential part of every seasoned tennis player In fact, even speed and endurance training in tennis can incorporate.
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Through proper tennis footwork training, she began to use her natural speed positively. Venus Williams improved her game with proper tennis footwork training. Great footwork is quiet and efficient. It is also explosive and smooth at the same time.

5 Speed Training Tips for Tennis Players

When you see a player with noisy feet, chances are, that player is moving inefficiently and must be made to run as much as possible. World class tennis footwork is defined by efficient, quick and explosive movement around the court. Many players use running as their main method of tennis footwork training. This is a good exercise for developing endurance but it does not address the other needs of a tennis player.

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It does not train a player properly for the unique movements used on the court during points. These specific moves are the lateral shuffling steps, forward sprints, diagonal sprints and backward shuffles. Additionally, players must learn to do a well-timed split step as well as a slide when playing on a clay court. Practicing sprints are an important part of tennis footwork training. Sprints are a basic component of tennis footwork training.

Step 1: The Stance

One particular set of sprints is used for tennis footwork training and is described as such:. Once the player is in better shape, he or she should run each sprint at full pace. Shuttle runs are also frequently used for tennis footwork training. A typical example is to have the player sprint from baseline to service line and back, from baseline to net and back, from baseline to opposite service line and back, and finally from baseline to opposite baseline and back.

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Drills like this improve endurance and speed as well as footwork. The jump rope is one of the best tennis footwork exercises. Actually, it is useful for almost all sports that require a lot of running and changing directions like boxing, football and basketball. Jumping rope enables the player to become accustomed to staying on the balls of his or her feet.

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  4. It is also a great cardiovascular exercise, thereby improving endurance. Every accomplished tennis player uses jump rope exercises in tennis footwork training. Tennis footwork training also involves a fair bit of strength training.

    TENNIS FITNESS CHALLENGE - Try This Tennis Workout at Home!

    Here are a few tips on how to achieve them and develop a strong serve. When it comes to playing tennis, serving the ball the right way and at a fast speed is essential. Strength Strength is vital in most sports; in tennis the muscles that are required to be the strongest are your arms for serving and hitting and your core muscles, which will increase your agility when playing.

    e-book Tennis Speed: Speed Training Essentials for Tennis

    You can improve your strength with simple exercises that will work different areas of your body and ultimately improve your serve. Front planks and push-ups are good for working your upper body and they will help focus the muscles that you need to play tennis. Although, tennis is not all about the arms, you need your legs in order to run to the ball if your opponent hits wide.

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    Increasing your leg strength, as well as mixing it up with cardio, will improve your stamina to ensure your performance is strong throughout every match. Technique Your technique when playing tennis is just as important as the strength you put behind the serve. A weak technique could lead to waiting to hit the ball, which would affect your motion, or a lack of full extension on contact could also hinder the serve. A proper serving technique is key to improving your serving speed. Perform the majority of drills holding a tennis racquet — players always carry their racquets during points.

    Design drills so that players simulate the same rest period during a match — studies show that players rest for 20—25 seconds between points and 90 seconds on changeovers.

    PDF Tennis Speed: Speed Training Essentials for Tennis

    Besides praying for unforced errors by your opponents, find out how to become a faster and more agile athlete on the tennis court, through these great agility training drills. Tennis agility exercises can be performed on and off the court. They can be fun drills, which can be included in every training program.

    Trainers Nathan and Giselle Martin, of Energise Health Management, have been in the health and fitness industry for 15 years. For further information, visit www. Bianca Andreescu extended her winning streak to 15 matches with a three-set win on Monday Naomi Osaka put Ashleigh Barty's quest for the year-end No.

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